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transmediale_extended_vol. 1

transmediale_extended_vol.1 was an exhibtion and supporting programme that were realized in co-operation with the Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medias in Santiago de Chile and the Chilean cultural office.

I was invited by the Goethe Institute in Santiago to contribute an exhibtion to the Biennial which would create a mutual dialogue with the mostly Latin-American works presented by the local media art festival.

The programme consisted of several parts such as installation art, audiovisual performance, screening and screen based pieces gathered in amedia lounge setting. The selection represented the international variety of work that was shown at the transmediale and the club transmediale since 2000. The spectrum of the art works included the most important forms of expression with new media, methods of production and curatorial priorities focused by transmediale.
 The catalogue of transmediale_extended_vol.1 as PDF for download (938.2 KB)

transmediale_extended_vol.1 was an "extended' co-operation in many respects, because it crossed the European borders and was planned over the huge distance between Berlin and Santiago de Chile.

Based on this first version of transmediale_extended two further presentations of a smaller version took place at two festivals in Columbia.