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Naturalisation | Naturalisierung (2016) by Albert Raven

Sound installation / Whispering Wall Installation
commissioned by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for the ‘International Week of Justice’, April 25-28, 2016, Berlin.

Curated by Susanne Jaschko

People forced to leave their homeland and who settle down abroad are expected to adapt to the way of life there. For this year’s International Week of Justice, Dutch artist Albert Raven created a sound installation that reflects on this pressure to adapt.

A flock of hermit ibises appears to be flying back and forth between the two buildings of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin. Having arrived in one building, they alight and settle for a few minutes before flying away again. Hermit ibises are almost extinct today – they are legendary birds, that originally hibernated in the Near East and Balkans and migrated to the middle and south of Europe during springtime. In this audio installation, their extraordinary calls blend into a ‘song of adaptation’, in accordance with the installation’s title: „Naturalisation” constitutes the naturalisation of people, as well as the gradually adjustment of plants and animals to their environment.