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Fly Utopia Workspace
transmediale.04, House of World Cultures, Berlin, 31 jan - 4 feb 04

The objective of the transmediale.04 Fly Utopia Workspace was to actively involve a young and broad audience into activist and artistic media projects. The workspace tried out new ways of knowledge-transfer by creating an open and participatory platform for media art and culture.

The invited groups explored ways of involving the visitors by providing a playful access to their work. The workspace was situated in the foyer of the House of World Cultures. Adjunced to tis active zone was a lounge-like area where visitores could watch video art pieces and delve into artistic internet projects, CD Roms and DVD Roms.

The workspace was designed as a process: It changed continously by the participation and inventions of the visitors and project groups. According to its title "Fly Utopia", the workspace presented four media projects with utopian potential.

Candida TV from Italy explores the tactical and artistic potential of the medium TV. Candida TV set up a local television broadcasting network to provide extensive media coverage of events taking place within the House of World Cultures. Footage shot and produced in the transmediale workspace and other festival locations were edited and post-produced in a mobile mini television studio. The stories and reports were broadcasted in the House of World Cultures using a low power antenna, sending a signal that can be received by TV sets located in various parts of the building.

Nomadic III is a project of digital nomadic research at the HFG Karlsruhe. The project group continued their research series and test various nomadic ways of life in the transmediale.04 workspace. The research is based on the idea of energy being the central nomadic element and in constant transformation as it eludes a definitive form. nomadic III explores the potential and limits of collective, connective, and corrective existence and mobility, and puts digital media in nomadic process to the test.

mi2, abbreviated for Multimedia Institute (Zagreb, CROATIA), presented diverse activities and projects aouround the core issue of their work: copyleft and open content. Sharing knowledge and collaboration is understood as a basis for social development.
With a Burn-On-Demand of digital content from the mi2's EGOBOO.bits free content publishing label visitors got a taste of the sonic, visual and semantic explorations. Custom compilations of free media were created and bought at the workspace, with instructions on free copying, distribution and use under the respective Creative Commons licensing model included.

Fluter was hosting a five-day workshop at the workspace in which a six young people produced a series of short video reports and interviews for the internet dealing with the topic "Fly Utopia". The films were generated in collaboration with the audience and's online-community. The recordings were developed partly with the live audience, while questions are taken from the live chat at

In a workshop at the end of the festival the concept and result was discussed and evaluated together with the project groups. The Fly Utopia Workspace was nominated for the Innovation Award of the Fonds Soziokultur. A documentation of the project is available on CD-Rom. Please send your request to

Curator and project manager: Susanne Jaschko
in co-operation with Stefan Riekeles