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Young Art from Leipzig and Dresden

Ludwig Forum for International Art Aachen, March 17 - April 30, 1995

"The subtitle ‚Young Art from Leipzig and Dresden’ could evoke the impression that we intended giving a general overview of current art produced in the East-German cultural centres. Instead of such an all-embracing concept, the idea for ‘entgrenzungen’ was born through the personal contact to the artists. When planning the exhibition, we extended the circle of exhibiting artists with regard to a high-contrast selection of works.

The participating artists cannot be summarised and categorised by simple features, such as their studios’ locations, their artistic training or quasi post-socialist issues. What they have in common, is a newly found artistic freedom.

The radically changed living and working conditions after the German Unification have had a deep impact on the artistic development of the exhibiting artists. In retrospective, the Berlin wall turns out to be an essential prerequisite for their individual progressions that could not longer held down by artificial barriers after the wall’s fall."

Exerpt from the text 'Hinter-Gedanken' that was published in the catalogue for 'entgrenzungen'

Curator, project managment, catalogue: Susanne Jaschko
in co-operation with Dorothea Neitzel

An exhibition project of the Institute of Art History, RWTH Aachen in co-operation with the Ludwig Forum for International Art Aachen and the local cultural department.
Participating artists:

Maren Roloff - sculpture

René Wand - sculpture

Die Veteranen: Tjark Ihmels, KP Ludwig John, Stephan Eichhorn, Micha Touma - interactive CD-Rom

Frank Weise - painting