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Current Positions in Media Art
transmediale.02, House of World Cultures, Februar 5-24, 2002

The transmediale.02 presented a varied show over the period of three weeks, with 14 video and sound installations, partly net-based and interactive, which invited the visitor to an active engagement with the works of art. The pieces showed important tendencies in contemporary media art production, which additionally were discussed with the participating artists in the panel 'Concepts of Interactive Art'.

"The exhibition of the transmediale.02, the very first large-scale exhibition showing media art in Berlin, takes place during a highly charged time. The world is beginning to feel the negative effects of the all-encompassing political and economical globalisation, and the media, information and tele-communication industries, after several years of exaggerated optimism, are grappling with a long-lasting slump. At the same time, however, the situation in media art has changed, with the creative use of new technologies no longer the sole criterion and the artistic concern with the possibilities and aesthetic dimensions of the digital culture finally shifting to the foreground."

"The show contrasts various artistic approaches and sets them in relation to each other. It does not follow any unifying topic, but in content and form aims at variegated overview, offering the audience the opportunity to grasp basic tendencies and correlations."

"In many of its exhibits, this media art show manifests the tendency to treat sound not as a mere accessory, but as an integral part of the artwork. This results in some special challenges for the exhibition's organisation, but also emplifies once more the differenciated levels of reception addressed by media art."

Exerpts from the introduction published in the catalogue.
The exhibition catalogue is still available at the transmediale.

Curator, project managment, catalogue: Susanne Jaschko

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