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Visual Voltage Amplified
Exhibition: January 7 - 24, 2010 parallel to Visual Voltage

Opening: January 7, 18 – 24.00:
Pecha Kucha at 20.00,
followed by the audio-visual performance The Spirit of High Voltage by Nils Edvardsson, SE

at Felleshuset, Nordic Embassies, Berlin

in co-operation with Visual Voltage/Björn Norberg, the Swedish Embassy in Berlin, The Swedish Institute and The Interactive Institute, Stockholm.

The exhibition Visual Voltage deals with the mayor subject “energy“ from the perspective of Swedish designers and artists.
Both climate change and pending decisions on the European energy politics motivate also artists and designers from Germany to respond to this subject with their work. These responses are now presented in the exhibition Visual Voltage Amplified which opens on January 7, 2010 and accompanies Visual Voltage until January 24.

Organised by Berlin-based curator Dr. Susanne Jaschko Visual Voltage Amplified shows concepts and documentations of projects which critically reflect on energy consumption or which offer new perspectives on subjects such as energy production or use. The selected projects already exist or are still in progress.

Visual Voltage Amplified presents an inspiring, thought provoking and extraordinary cross-over of projects between design and art. These two neighboured but nonetheless separate disciplines generate the gravity field at which the various perspectives and practices meet and correspond with each other.

On the opening night Berlin based designers will present their projects in a Pecha Kucha session. The evening closes with an audio-visual performance by Swedish artist Nils Edvardsson.

On Ikarus, the wax lamp (image below)
Designed by Aylin Kayser and Christian Metzner of Germany, this creation is a wax lamp which gradually melts over the course of a month, completely changing shape and morphing into what resembles some kind of jellyfish or other sea creature.

This lamp gives its user a chance to witness the physical consequences of their energy use, bringing to light the results of such dependence over time. A lampshade of pure paraffin is cast over a stainless steel frame, and depending on the wattage and strength of the light source, the shade will begin to melt from the inside out, gradually changing shape over the course of up to a month.

Visual Voltage Amplified: Gallery at Felleshus


Jon Cohrs presents in the Pecha Kucha session