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Leipzig University
Institute for Media Science

In summer 2003, I conducted a seminar on 'The Communication-Guerrilla: Media Art between Hacktivism and Beauty' at the Leipzig University. I did this together with Anja Schwanhäußer. Here you can find the German website of the seminar.

One of the strongest branches in current media culture is artistic work that has been designed to intrude, to undermine and finally to change the (media) system. Though this kind of art work is self-referential to a high degree, antecessors and similarities can easily be found in Mail Art/Correspondence Art, Graffiti and Criminal Art.
Definitely the art activism of the communication-guerrilla stretches the boundaries of art because the aesthetics are not focused on, but rather the social and political impact of their work.

The objective of the seminar was to convey specific knowledge about the the highly effective strategies of communication that are invented and used by art activists. After reviewing major examples of artistic intervention such as hacking and undermining economy or communication systems, the students created activist actions by themselves, clearly defining and balancing the target and strategy.