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Prozess as Paradigma in Media Art and Culture
Bauhaus University Weimar, Department Media Art
SS 2010
Seminar every Friday and Saturday in May, taught in English

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The seminar focuses on ‚process’ as one paradigm of media art and introduces it as a valid perspective on the present. Relevant theories on interactivity and performativity will be consulted for precise definitions of ‘process’ and ‘processuality’, so are natural sciences and systems theory. Historic and contemporary media art and its genres such as bio art, generative art, and collaborative net-based art will be studied with regard to inherent processual qualities and possibilities of presentation, documentation and archiving. The seminar is loosely linked to the exhibition ‘Process as Paradigm’ at Laboral, Gijon, Spain. The findings of the seminar are to be published as papers (course assessments) in the project’s weblog. A bibliography will be provided to the participants in April.