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Video Art from Germany
A transmediale/VideoFest Retrospective

These eleven works assembled in the screening programme give a survey of video art that has been produced in Germany and shown at
the transmediale’s antecessor ‘VideoFest’ and at transmediale till the end of the 90's.

On the one hand, this choice is determined by variety and documents
different time-based video techniques. On the other hand, recurring formal styles such as the construction of rhythm, the unity of image and sound and repetitive elements define a characteristic artificial language which has not lost any of its expressive power over the years.

Artists and works:

Claus Blume: Kniespiel III, 1988
Franziska Megert: Off, 1989
Angela Melitopoulos: Aqua Sua, 1987
Volker Schreiner: Open Up, 1992
Christoph Girardet: Fieberrot, 1993
Dorotea Etzler: To Go Strange - Fremd gehen, 1993
Björn Melhus: No Sunshine, 1997
Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck: Busby, 1997
Gunter Krüger: Drama, Strings and Horns, 1998
Frank Westermeyer / Sylvie Boisseau: moi vu par ..., 1999
Jean-Francois Guiton: Tramage, 1999

curated in 2003 together with Thomas Munz and Ingo Hager
for "transmediale_extended vol.1" in Santiago de Chile,
in co-operation with VI. Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios, Santiago

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