round corners

E-lectronic Visions
A unity of sound and image

Apart from traditional video, art the computer was increasingly used for the vizualisation of music and sound in the 90's.

Synesthetic images, abstract signs and rhythmic effects form an emblematic language that melts with ambient, techno and jazz tracks and results in a tuneful unity. Far more than being addatives to the music, the visuals are self-reliant artistic interpretations.

The screening programme presents 9 idiosyncratic works from 1993 to 1998.

works and artists:

Do while x, 1995
video: Sebastian Oschatz
music: Oval

BMB Theme, 1998
video: Matthias Schellenberg
music: Bar Jazz mit Begleitautomaten

Majoun, 1996
video: Matthias Schellenberg
music: deep space network / higher intelligence agency

Emit Ecaps, 1996
video: Matthias Schellenberg
music: deep space network / Jhona Sharp

OM, 1993
video: Sychronizedchaos TV
music: deep space network

77 Sunset Strip, 1995
video: Sychronizedchaos TV
music: Move D

A-B-C-Light, 1998
video: Yan Breuleux
music: Alain Thibault

Stesolid, 1997
video: Tappo Kontakt
music: duracel (bunker 021)

Akincton, 1997
video: Mobiletti Giradschi
music: duracel (bunker 021)

curated in 1999 for a screening at club transmediale