round corners

Supernature is a video and animation programme that brings nature back into the urban environment, thus fulfilling the modern urbanist’s desire to partly re-naturalise functional city centres. Through its artificiality today’s subsequently implanted pseudo-nature recalls classic examples of urban decor such as the ornamental facades of the Art Nouveau and Japanese miniature gardens.

The programme Supernature picks up on this contemporary trend to reintroduce nature into our stone-heavy urban surroundings. It also responds to the amazing popularity of TV series’ featuring wildlife, zoos and pets. Instead of presenting an ideal nature, the video works show unsettling sceneries – boring nature, an impossible nature, fully designed nature, nature between beauty and ugliness, an unravelling nature.

Supernature has been specially assembled for Urban Screens Manchester 07 by its curator Susanne Jaschko.

Gudrun Kemsa, Work: Riverside, Duration: 12m 50s, Year: 2002

Niklas Goldbach, Work: Rise, Duration: 2m 22s, Year: 2007

Günther + Loredana Selichar, Work: Granturismo, Duration: 5m 10s, Year: 2001

Simone Häckel, Work: Sleeping, Duration: 3m

Trevor Morgan, Work: RT S NJ 07733, Duration: 8m, Year: 2003

Lynne Marsh, Work: Volcano, Duration: 5m 30s, Year: 2006

Peter Aerschmann, Work: Union Square, Duration: 10m

Timm Ringewaldt, Work: Rund, Duration: 5m, Year: 2007

Sean Capone, Work: The Sculpture Garden, Duration: 2m, Year: 2004