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Poster for the exhibition UZAKYAKIN - NEARFAR - The Reaction Interstice

WORKSHOP Occupation Curator
Concept + tutor: Susanne Jaschko
November 2- 6, 2009 and March 24 -26, 2010
Organised by the Goethe Institute Ankara in cooperation with Hacettepe University

The two-part workshop was designed for artists and art students in Ankara, Turkey.

Curators have become important agents in the international art scene. However their role and profession are rather undefined still. In this workshop, participants are taught the basics of curating, from concept to production as well as the theory and history of curating.
At the end of the workshop participants worked out an idea for an exhibition project in Ankara. Of eight projects, three were selected and take place in May/June 2010 in Ankara with support of the Goethe Institute:
1. Burcak Bingöl mit "UZAKYAKIN" - "NEARFAR - The Reaction Interstice"
  download Turkish/English flyer here (1.6 MB)