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Selection of Fine Arts Servitors 2005/2006 for
Istanbul, Paris, Moskow, London, New York and L.A./Pasadena

In December 2004 I was a member of the jury selecting the cultural exchange grants that the Berlin Senate annually gives to young Berlin artists.

The selected artists are:

Pasadena: Nicola Stäglich
New York: Alexa Kreissl/Daniel Kerber
London: Stefan Saffer
Paris: Nina Fischer/Maroan El Sani
Moskow: Birgit Schlieps
Istanbul: Florian Wüst
Other juries that I was member of:

Comittee member for the appointment of a professor in video and photography, National Academy of the Art, Oslo, Norway

Jury for the Lead-Award (Hamburg, Germany) category online media

Jury for the yearly artistsí working stipends (contemporary art) given by Berlin Senate

Award jury for the digital sparks competition (media art) at the Fraunhofer Institute Media and Communication, Birlinghoven Castle, Sankt Augustin, Germany

Jury for the video art award of the Media Forum, Moscow, Russia

Jury for the Prix Pixel Ina (computer animation), Imagina, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Paris, France